It starts with proactive planning, a collaborative process where we set out to meet each project’s specific needs, assessing buildability and lead time, and taking lifting, safety and risk management factors into account.

Detailed drawings ensure the customer can see exactly what will be fabricated and delivered.

PFX Process - Plan
PFX Process - Make


Once CAD drawings are approved, we make the materials in a controlled factory environment using a team of qualified welders.

To further reduce risk, rigorous quality checks in the factory ensure prefab product delivers consistent reliability, safety and compliance with Australian Standards.

PFX Process - Make
PFX Process - Deliver


At PFX, we’re raising the bar when it comes to delivery too. We deliver the right product, on time as agreed. Our processes are designed to minimise lifting and handling processes.

Prefab offers the safety reassurance of lifting certification. Product is delivered in-sync with customer’s construction program and delivery is matched to site productivity. To ensure it all goes according to plan, PFX project management is your point of contact every step of the way.

PFX Process - Deliver