Five core PFX product ranges reinforce our reputation for innovation and quality.

All comply with relevant Australian standards AS/NZS 1554.3, AS 3600 and AS 5100, offer Green Star and Infrastructure Sustainability credits, and lifting certificates are available. Being manufactured in our Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing factory environments, they deliver enhanced on-site safety and reduced on-site labour costs and dependency on favourable weather conditions.



PROPILE is our solution for the bored pier and ground support market.

Fabricated using machine and manual processes, PROPILE provides accuracy, flexibility, robustness, and offers lifting peace of mind. Plus, down time on site is reduced, because off-site fabrication isn’t weather dependent.



PROCAGE is typically used in columns, footings and beams.

Customised to suit project specific requirements, regular shaped bars are fabricated off-site to an agreed weld pattern. In-factory fabrication is predominantly manual, solving commonly encountered site problems.



CUSTOMCAGE is used in all aspects of reinforced concrete construction including beams, walls, columns and footings.

Factory fabricated using manual processes, CUSTOMCAGE is highly customised and made up from a variety of custom shaped, solution specific bars.



BAMTEC is utilsed in suspended and slab-on-ground applications, continuously reinforced concrete pavements, precast panels, topping slabs and wind farm foundations.

Machine manufactured, BAMTEC is the world’s fastest steel fixing system and a revolutionary approach to placing steel reinforcing. By simply rolling out ‘carpets’ of reo detailed to fit designated areas, installation time is slashed, accuracy is improved, and fewer onsite fixers are required.



BARMAT is our customised prefab bar mat solution utilised in precast panels and culverts, retaining walls, shotcrete walls, road parapets, diaphragm walls and suspended slab construction.

BARMAT is fabricated off-site, using automated machine manufacturing that allows steel to be prefabricated with variable bar sizes and spacing in a variety of mat shapes, configurations and sizes. BARMAT offers increased efficiencies and labour savings. Site safety is enhanced, because there is no cutting and minimal handling.

*Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing is a member of ISCA and GBCA. PFX may assist in the achievement of credits in the IS and Green Star rating schemes.