BAMTEC is utilised in suspended and slab-on-ground applications, continuously reinforced concrete pavements, precast panels, topping slabs and large foundations.

Machine manufactured, BAMTEC is the world’s fastest steel fixing system and a revolutionary approach to placing steel reinforcing. By simply rolling out ‘carpets’ of reo detailed to fit designated areas, installation time is slashed, accuracy is improved, and fewer onsite fixers are required.




Commercial, Civil & Infrastructure, Industrial, Precast


Slab on ground, suspended slab, CRCP, wind farm foundation, precast panels

Technical Info

Carpet Length: up to 12 m
Carpet Weight: up to 1.5 tonnes
Bar Sizes: 10 – 32 mm
Bar Space: variable to suit, bespoke


Lifting certification available upon request

Note: Please check with your local PFX representative for availability of products & services and to discuss your requirements.


  • Design efficiency – fabricated to specified bar centres
  • Reduction of waste and on-site steel fixers
  • Speedy, efficiency and accuracy of site installation
  • Increased site safety
  • Enhanced quality



  • Bunnings Warehouse, Rockdale, Sydney
  • 10,000 m2 floor area
  • 270 mm thick slab
  • 400 tonnes BAMTEC
  • Up to 12-metre carpets1 tonne per carpet


AVM Constructions


  • Poor ground condition meant that earthworks took a lot longer and the whole project was severely behind schedule


  • To make up time to deliver the project on time, AVM placed close to 400 tonnes of reinforcement in under a month using BAMTEC with just four steel fixers and a mobile crane
  • It would have taken AVM in excess of three months had they used conventional steel fixing
  • Use of continuous bar chairs aided the speedy rollout of the BAMTEC carpets
  • BAMTEC carpets used different bar diameters at different spacings to match design requirement. Material cost was reduced.
  • Overall cost saving on reinforcement of around 10%

If it was not for BAMTEC, we would not have completed the job on time. It has been a tremendous success for us.

Vince MamoneAVM Managing Director

*Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing is a member of ISCA and GBCA. PFX may assist in the achievement of credits in the IS and Green Star rating schemes.