BARMAT is our customised prefab bar mat solution for reinforced suspended slab construction, precast panels and culverts, retaining walls, road parapets, diaphragm walls and shotcrete walls.

BARMAT is fabricated off-site, using automated machine manufacturing that allows steel to be prefabricated with variable bar sizes and spacing in a variety of mat shapes, configurations and sizes. BARMAT offers increased efficiencies and labour savings. Site safety is enhanced, because there is no cutting and minimal handling.




Precast, Commercial, Civil & Infrastructure, High Rise


Precast panels & culverts, parapet, diaphragm walls, shotcrete walls, suspended slab

Technical Info

Mat width: up to 4 m
Mat length: up to 12 m
Configuration: any shape, with penetration (if required) to suit requirements
Bar size: 8, 10, 12 & 16 mm (Class N), 8 & 9 mm (Class L)
Bar space: variable to suit, bespoke
Add On: trimmer and additional bars to suit design


Lifting certification available upon request

Note: Please check with your local PFX representative for availability of products & services and to discuss your requirements.


  • Enhanced quality
  • Improved efficiency and reduction of waste
  • Speed and simplicity of construction
  • Increased site safety



Nucon Design & Construction Pty Ltd
Precast Concrete Panels


Business improvement

  • Increase daily precast panel output within existing facility constraints
  • Improve cost certainty
  • Streamline processes to improve efficiency


BARMAT custom manufactured to suit each and every precast panel produced.

  • Eliminate reinforcement preparation areas
  • Release additional space for more casting beds
  • Simplified manufacturing and supply process
  • Locked in pricing by project and/or per precast panel
  • Technology to improve accuracy & reduce issues

Initially we saw the benefits BARMAT was providing us on a project by project basis. We were able to further leverage these benefits by shifting our entire business model to embrace this leading technology.

Tom TzanidisManaging Director, Nucon Design and Construction

*Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing is a member of ISCA and GBCA. PFX may assist in the achievement of credits in the IS and Green Star rating schemes.