PROCAGE is typically used in columns, footings and beams.

Customised to suit project specific requirements, regular shaped bars are fabricated off-site to an agreed weld pattern. In-factory fabrication is predominantly manual, solving commonly encountered site problems.




Commercial, Civil & Infrastructure, Residential, Industrial, High Rise


Columns, beams, footings, walls, pile caps

Technical Info

Cage Configuration: Round, Square, Rectangle
Cage Length: up to 15 m
Bar Sizes: 10 – 40 mm


Lifting certification available upon request

Note: Please check with your local PFX representative for availability of products & services and to discuss your requirements.


  • Enhanced quality – made in controlled environment
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduction of waste and on-site labour
  • Speed and simplicity of construction
  • Increased site safety
  • Customised to meet project requirements



Eureka Tower VIC – the world’s tallest apartment development.


  • Fast tracked design and strict construction schedule
  • Crane time 88 storey, 300 m tall tower
  • Innovative climbing floor formwork system
  • Column design critical to structural efficiency
  • Confined site


PFX PROCAGE column reinforcement

  • Coupler systems integrated into PROCAGE – provides flush face to accommodate climbing floor formwork system
  • PFX advanced CAD 3D modelling of PROCAGE to identify and overcome issues prior to on-site installation
  • Double height column cages – reduced crane lifts
  • 500+ PROCAGE columns

It is not like any other building in the world, it will be very difficult to get a permit for this height again.

Daniel Grollo

Prefab really comes into its own on the confined sites such as Eureka Tower, where it greatly reduces congestion, and frees up space and resources on site for the other trades.

Christian PyndiahOneSteel

OneSteel Reinforcing did a great job at staying ahead of our requirements and the prefab reo really helped us get the structure out of the ground quicker than we would have been able using conventional steel fixing.

AlfioEureka Tower Site Foreman

*Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing is a member of ISCA and GBCA. PFX may assist in the achievement of credits in the IS and Green Star rating schemes.